Staying at Pinehaven Upper Hutt

Upper Hutt is 30 mins drive from Wellington city center. Quite a remote area with not many cars and people in this part and as a city dweller for all my life, this was a huge change in lifestyle. It’s autumn now, sunset is at around 5.30pm. The shorter day and longer night makes our adjustment slightly challenging too. But not everything is bad thou, there is a huge supermarket (New World) just 5 mins drive away and the wifi is pretty decent in the house.

The house belongs to a couple name Nancy and Graham who moved over from the UK 10 years ago. They are very friendly & hospitable and hosted us upon our arrival. The fireplace was already set up and the interior was warm and welcoming. Thanks to both of them for being such superb hosts!

Upper Hutt Airbnb7

Some pictures on the outside, loads of trees, plants, nature and not to mention the freshest of air i have everย breathe in my life.

unnamed (21)

There is a door which leads to the back where the wood shed is located.

unnamed (17)

unnamed (16)

Huge supplies of wood for the winter.

The family cat.


And of course the dog.

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