A Visit to Sheep World

Sheep World

SheepWorld is located 4kms north of Warkworth. Driving time from Auckland harbour bridge is approximately 40 mins and it is a very scenic and picturesque drive.

Did a pit stop along the way. Met a very nice cafe owner who was super duper friendly. As we will be passing a toll, she taught us how to make payment, offered us free Wifi and she even apologize for the weather! Amazing!

Auckland bridge, Auckland Tower and the highway scenes along the way.

Arrived at Sheep World! In time for the 2pm show.

Quick tour of the farm before the show. Purchased 2 packs of food for the gang and everyone was happy.

Sheep herding demonstration and the star of the show was tired out.

Sheep shearing and he did it in 6 secs! <<Clap Clap>>

Feeding time! This should be the highlight of the day πŸ™‚


A tribute to a loyal friend 😦


Got aΒ souvenir!

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